Panamá has the first teak processing plant

Ecotopia Teak opened its doors on January 28th in the town of Chepo, where national authorities and presidents of exporting associations such as APEX, SIP, and CONEP gathered.


“This investment represents a great innovation for our country, as it enables us to export products with high domestic value-added, introducing knowledge and technology transfer to exported timber, which must also comply with the highest international environmental standards, to open up new market opportunities in Europe, Asia, and North America,” stated Ambassador Carmen Gisela Vergara, General Manager of the Authority for Investment Attraction and Export Promotion (PROPANAMA).


She explained that last year, a delegation participated with FSC® certified wood producers in the launch of the country brand “Panama Teak” during the Dubai WoodShow 2022, which generated orders for Panamanian participants.


She concluded by stating that this year, they will also participate alongside Panamanian companies in this fair to promote, through increased exports, the generation of employment with knowledge and technology transfer.


Bianca Morán, Administrative Manager of Ecotopia Teak, during the inauguration of the 2023 teak export, explained that this plant allows them to reach European markets with a stabilized, precise, and high-quality finished product, not just raw material.


The importance of adding value to export products, as Ecotopia Teak does, lies in the diversification of export offerings and the creation of new jobs in rural areas with a high level of training, providing well-being to the communities.


Juan Carlos Palacios, Executive Director of the Sustainable Forest Management Corporation of Ecuador, considered that “this investment is a starting point for Panama and the region, as this company is an example, not only for Central America but also for South America, because it is one of the few factories that generates a certified value-added product like wood, which affects our dependence on markets such as Asia to sell our production.”


About us

Ecotopia Teak, S.A., we are a family-owned company dedicated to reforestation, harvesting, and exporting wood from commercial plantations. We work under high production standards and with social responsibility to obtain high-quality wood according to the needs and demands of national and international markets. Additionally, we actively contribute to the local economy by creating employment opportunities in the communities where we operate. Our commitment is to lead the industry in sustainable reforestation and wood production, preserving our natural resources and building a greener and more sustainable future.

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