Together for a Sustainable Tomorrow

We work in long term with our plantations to produce high quality teak for the coming generations.

Ecotopia Teak is certified through FSC®


As a forestry company, Ecotopia Teak holds two important FSC® certifications: the SGSCH-COC-800066 Chain of Custody certification and the SGS-FMCH/COC-002838 Forest Management certification.


These certifications are essential for strengthening to meet the demand of our international clients. The FSC® certification, demonstrating our commitment to sustainable forest management. This sets us apart in the market by providing a reliable guarantee that our products come from responsible and environmentally-friendly sources.

Ecotopia Teak is certified through FSC®

All our plantations have been planted in lands that were previously used for agriculture activity.


As a company, Ecotopia Teak is fully committed to participating in reforestation. Our focus is to work in harmony with nature and the community. Of this reason we comply the highest international standards. Because we feel sustainability is the right way to business.

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