Panamá, the perfect place for teak


In Panamá, teak cultivation has become a thriving and important industry in recent years, thanks to the favorable climatic conditions, many international companies in the sector and political and economic stability.

This has lead to that Panama now it’s on its way to be the leading producer of high quality teak of the world.

Perfect climate for Teak

Heavy rainfall - 2500 mm/year

A dry season of 3-4 months per year.

No temperature variations throughout the year.

Fertile soil

Panamá: Will be the leading teak supplier of the world.

Panama has:

  • Perfect Climate for Teak.
  • Industrial sawmill.
  • Political and market stability.
  • Reforestation law since 1992.
  • Panama Canal => cost-effective logistics and transportation.
  • Direct shipping routes to all mayor container ports in the world
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