Ecotopia Teak: Promoting Responsible Teak Production in Panamá

In order to provide an opportunity for practical learning following current models implemented in Panama regarding mechanization and automation from a commercial perspective in the forestry sector, the Ministry of Environment and professors from the Technological University organized a guided visit to the facilities of Ecotopia Teak company.


Ecotopia Teak, located in Genené, Cañita de Chepo, Panama province, is the first certified processing plant for timber from forest plantations and has a production capacity of 1,300 forty-foot containers of teak per year.


Therefore, in addition to being dedicated to forest utilization, they are committed to the education and training of future professionals. That is why they received a visit from a group of fourth and sixth-year students from the forestry engineering program at the Technological University of Panama and five graduating students from the Forestry Engineering program at the National University of Forestry Sciences (UNACIFOR) of Honduras at their teak processing plant.


As a pilot plan for industrial development and the only teak plant at a regional level, Ecotopia Teak decided to share this great knowledge and experience with future forestry engineers in order to have a generational relay that is oriented towards the future, based on the changing experiences of international markets. In this way, they move forward with the commitment to promote sustainable development and excellence in the forestry industry.


The students, accompanied by their professors, were able to acquire extensive knowledge about the teak commercialization system and the different qualities of production.


This visit allowed the students to have a comprehensive understanding of the processes involved in mechanization and automation within a teak processing plant. Likewise, they were provided with a different perspective on the importance of FSC certification and responsible teak production in Panama for the development of rural economies in Chepo and Darien.

The Ministry of Environment and FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) hope to have the pleasant presence of Ecotopia Teak at this important event.

About us

Ecotopia Teak, S.A., we are a family-owned company dedicated to reforestation, harvesting, and exporting wood from commercial plantations. We work under high production standards and with social responsibility to obtain high-quality wood according to the needs and demands of national and international markets. Additionally, we actively contribute to the local economy by creating employment opportunities in the communities where we operate. Our commitment is to lead the industry in sustainable reforestation and wood production, preserving our natural resources and building a greener and more sustainable future.

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