The European Green Deal: Driving global sustainability through responsible trade

Angel Ramos – Ecotopia Teak

Europe leads the way towards environmental and economic sustainability with the European Green Deal. In the recent seminar organized by ProPanama, Mr. Gabriel Fernández, a specialist in international trade and sustainable development, highlighted key initiatives and regulations aimed at transforming production and trade towards a more conscious model.


The seminar began by contextualizing the creation of the European Green Deal, emphasizing the urgency of addressing climate change and its effects. Through significant changes in policies and regulations, the European Union is actively committed to mitigating these impacts and setting ambitious goals for a greener future.


One of the cornerstones of this transformation is legislation on deforestation-free products, which covers a wide range of products, from soy to wood. These regulations establish additional requirements to access the European market, including georeferencing, which allows tracking the origin of products to their place of production.


The European Union has allocated funds until 2050 to support this plan and ensure sustainable and efficient economic transition. The need to keep the economy running while adopting more responsible practices was emphasized, recognizing the importance of managing our finite resources intelligently.


These regulations impact not only companies within the European Union but also those that export to it and importers who receive these products. The importance of establishing collaborative relationships between these companies to ensure mutual benefits and compliance with regulations was emphasized.


It is crucial to understand that these measures are not simply restrictions but an opportunity for countries like Panama to access high-quality markets and greater profits. By complying with these standards, doors are opened to greater competitiveness and sustainability.


The seminar, held at ProPanama’s facilities, attracted representatives from various organizations, public institutions, and companies interested in understanding the requirements for exporting to Europe. Attendance reflects the growing interest in adopting responsible and sustainable business practices globally.

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