98% of the timber exported from Panama is teak, according to Apex.

The Ministry of Environment presented the applications of new technologies for forest management in Panama.

Lourdes García Armuelles

Bianca Moran, President of the Panamanian Exporters Association. Roberto Barrios | La Estrella de Panamá

Panama East is characterized by having the highest concentration of such plantations. In Panama, 98% of wood-related exports mostly consist of teak, a non-native species, confirmed Bianca Moran, President of the Panamanian Exporters Association (Apex).


“98% of Panama’s exports are teak. We’re talking about between 7 and 10 40-foot containers annually, valued at over $30 million,” Moran reported during a press briefing on Tuesday, June 25th.


Panama East is known for its predominant presence of these types of plantations, although there is also some presence throughout the country, including in the province of Chiriquí.


The accumulated hectares of existing forest plantations reach 80,000, as informed by the Apex president.

While teak remains one of the country’s largest export commodities, Moran clarified that the activity “has been fluctuating,” depending heavily on market demand.


“Teak is a commodity, much like copper and gold. So, it depends on the demand in the market. For example, this year in Europe, one of our largest markets, is experiencing an economic recession,” she emphasized.


Teak is primarily used for outdoor furniture. Its significant presence in Panama has positioned the country as one of the largest certified producers in the region.


To continue leveraging these advantages, the Apex president called for promoting the arrival of more certified forestry investors.

The event continued with a deep dive into sustainability and the use of renewable and recyclable raw materials, presented by Denise Cisneros from Tetra Pak. Additionally, Bianca Morán Johansson shared insights on how forestry cultivation in Panama is contributing to sustainable development in the region, creating dignified job opportunities, and promoting innovative practices. This sector is the largest contributor to CSS in Darién.

Alvaro Castillo de la dirección Forestal, sección Patrimonio Natural del Ministerio de Ambiente Roberto Barrios | La Estrella de Panamá

Álvaro Castillo, from the Natural Heritage section of the Ministry of Environment’s Forestry Directorate, mentioned that Panama promotes legal timber trade while also respecting forest preservation.


He explained that to oversee the export process, the entity plays a role in inspecting wood processing areas and verifying that the timber reaches the market through legal channels. This involves forest registration, operational certification, export guides, sales invoices, and other procedures.


“With this entire package, the export transportation proceeds to the port. From there, Customs takes over,” said Castillo, who acknowledges the interest shown by companies in complying with these regulations.

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